Clever taps History

The history of a brand, the evolution of our catalogs


Standard Hidráulica

The Business Source

Standard Hidráulica SAU is currently recognized as one of the leading companies of products and systems for water, gas and Air conditioning for residential use.

Standard Hidráulica has obtained this recognition by striving in the absolute fulfillment of its business philosophy, based on quality, service, investment, competitiveness and innovation.  

Currently Standard Hidráulica offers its customers a complete range of internationally certified products that give integral solution to domestic hot water and sanitary installations .



Clever Faucet Starts

First apparition

1998 is born Clever Faucet. Starting to produce faucets was the natural evolution of the lines of business of Standard Hidráulica(valves). With this new line of faucet business, STH offers an integral solution to the consumer.

The first series of Clever were the Standard and Bay faucets. Today Clever offers a wide collection of taps and accessories for kitchen and bathroom of over 3,000 references. Its exquisite designs , combined with the most advanced technology , innovation and eco-efficiency make Clever a fitting With unique personality known worldwide.



Clever Faucet

A brand

In 2000 Clever Faucet evolved and launched its first individual faucet catalog, giving it a leading role among its lines of business.

With the Havana series as the main claim, Clever launches its first catalog of bathroom faucets.

In 2010 Standard Hydraulics joins the Aalberts Industries NV
group listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Aalberts Industries has two main activities in and Fluid Control (products and systems for connection, distribution and regulation of Sanitary water and gas). Standard Hidráulica is part of the Aalberts Industries Domestic Fluid Control division.



Clever Faucet starts

The flagship

In 2002, Clever Faucet began to manufacture the Panam series.

Today, after more than 10 years in the market and with some remodeling, the Panam series remains the most recognized single-lever mixer in Clever Taps.



Caiman Series

New Designs

Inspired by New York City, Clever Faucet surprises the market with the emergence of the new Caimam Series . With a cylindrical design and minimalist design.

In 2005 presents the well-known advertising campaign of the monuments of Clever.



Platinum, Selección y Distribución

Catalog extension

In the midst of expansion, Clever Faucet extends its faucet ranges and divides them into Clever Platinum, Clever Selection and Clever Distribution . In 2008, it was consolidated as a faucet brand in both export and domestic markets.

The catalog of 2008 is known for looking for similarities between its faucets and fountains.



Laura Ponte and Clever

Brand image

The world-famous Laura Ponte signs with Clever as a new image of the brand. Thanks to this campaign the brand gives a giant step in the faucet sector in the national territory.

The campaign with the famous model makes the brand become recognized both in the domestic market and internationally.



The principle of change

Every design, an emotion

In 2014 Clever incorporates in its catalog the section HidroClever and reinforces its bet by the design and the quality in its products. Behind its clean and eye-catching cover you can find 400 product pages, offering solutions to all market needs.

With the new series Start, Agora, Artic and Chef Carbon that clearly the brand follows the trends in design and eco-efficiency.



Renewal of the Clever brand

Clever renews its brand worldwide

This global change of high strategic value, allows to modernize and reinforce even more the name of Clever Taps and reflects the dynamism and leadership of Clever, tracing a commercial strategy of the brand until 2019.

Changes are made to the following projects; Faucets Clever launches its Augmented Reality APP, a new web, a new catalog and a new packaging also with augmented reality. The future is Clever.



The STH group is created
Efficient thermal and sanitary solutions in buildings & water and gas distribution networks




Le Groupe STH incorpore deux nouvelles sociétés ; STH Southern Africa (Afrique du Sud) basée à Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth et Cape Town et STH HELLAS basée à Athènes (Grèce).



INTEGRATION to the group H.I.G. Capital.



CLEVER introduces new colour finishes in its collections

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