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According to data collected by the INE, the average consumption of water in Spanish homes is 132 liters per person per day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a shower represents 34% of the water consumption in our homes. Our challenge is to achieve a reduction in consumption while continuing to provide the highest levels of comfort.

A building with an energy sustainability certification represents significant economic benefits for users (it reduces energy consumption by 50-70% and water consumption by up to 40%). These are voluntary certifications, based on criteria to achieve high-efficiency sustainable buildings. This sustainability system can contribute to generating healthier environments and ecosystems for life and work.

Our Clever products help meet the requirements assessed by BREEAM®, LEED® and VERDE®.


Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM®) is one of the most common and internationally recognized voluntary certification systems for sustainability in buildings. BREEAM® evaluates the performance of buildings on a wide range of criteria from energy to ecology, including aspects related to the use of energy and water, and internal environment, among others.


Another widely recognized green and sustainable building program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), requires objective evidence that specific requirements have been met in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency, use of water, energy, etc. LEED® uses a 100-point scale to rank and reward design based on its potential environmental impacts.


GBCe is a non-profit association that brings together representatives of all agents in the building sector in order to contribute to the transformation of the market towards more sustainable building, compatible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The VERDE® (Building Reference Efficiency Assessment) tools aim to provide a methodology for assessing the sustainability of buildings.



Whether it's taking care of the environment, teaching our children to take care of the planet or saving on the bill at the end of the month, the truth is that there are many systems to save water and /or energy

According to IDAE, 17% of household energy consumption corresponds to sanitary water. The optimal consumption is an average amount of 100 liters per person.

Aerator with maximum flow limit

To limit the maximum flow, an aerator incorporating this function is used. This element allows, with a single device, protection against limescale residues, reduction of noise and splashes, and limiting the maximum flow regardless of pressure, thus achieving water savings and reducing energy costs. Applicable in sink, bidet and shower faucets.

Cartucho EcoFlow

The ecoflow cartridges have been designed to limit the flow. It saves water and provides maximum comfort.

Reduces fluctuations in temperature

When the flow restrictor is used with a standard cartridge, the user may experience significant changes in water temperature.

But with the EcoFlow cartridge, a perfect stable temperature is achieved against variations in pressure of hot and cold water at low flow rates.

Aumento progresivo del caudal

Existing solutions with the standard cartridge offer a very limited opening of the lever to regulate the flow, on the other hand, with the ecoflow cartridge the travel of the lever is totally progressive along with the flow, until it is fully open.

Cartucho EcoNature + ColdOpen

The aspect in which tourist accommodation consumes the most energy is in the production of domestic hot water, which represents 25% of the energy bill.

The water consumption per person staying in a hotel can be up to 3 times higher than the average consumption of an individual in his own home (reaching 386 liters per guest per night)


Opening in two positions

With a gentle gesture of the handle, it supplies the necessary flow for daily use of the tap (saving approximately 50% in water consumption).

System EcoNature

Apertura en frío y en dos posiciones

It combines the system of 2 opening positions of the handle with the cold opening. With which we will obtain energy savings, thanks to the fact that in the central position of the handle, the mixing of hot and cold water is avoided.

Sistema EcoNature + ColdOpen

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